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maximal_inside's Journal

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Character/series: Blackarachnia from Beast Wars
Use three words to describe your character's personality: Hot, poisonous, deadly Scheming, clever, treacherous
Describe what their special powers/talents are: She's a transformer, and thus can change from a robot mode to something more fitting to the environment. As she's from Beast Wars canon, she becomes a black widow spider. And thus, has spider-like abillities, such as creating webs, and injecting venom into foes. In robot mode, she can use her spider legs as machine guns, and also has another gun-like weapon.
Provide a brief bio of your character's canon history (keep as spoiler-free as possible, please):I tried, but it's hard to discuss her without spoiling

When the Maximals crash landed on Earth, most of them didn't make it. Instead, many were launched into space inside stasis pods, and would eventually land on Earth on their own. Blackarachnia was one of them. Unfortunately, her pod was found by the Predacons first, and reprogrammed. Tarantulas gave her the form of a Spider, in order to create her as an ideal mate. However, Blackarachnia turned out to be just as dangerous and crafty as her creator. Even the Predacon leader Megatron understood her danger to everyone. But despite her own ambitions of seeking power and becoming leader herself, she was completely loyal to the Predacons, enjoying doing evil.

Eventually, she entered the mind of Tarantulas to steal data from him, unbeknownst to the fact that he set a trap for her. Their minds were then linked. Hating the fact that he had control over her, Blackarachnia risked her own life to free herself from her former partner. That was the same time she met Silverbolt, a chivalrous (and somewhat clueless) Maximal who treated her as if she were his comrade, and dedicated himself to protecting her. Gradually, she became more drawn to him and fell in love, but still refused to switch sides.

[[I'd like to play her during the 2nd season, after meeting Silverbolt, but before becoming an actual Maximal]]

This is an RP journal for valkyrieexpress
evil, killing the maximals, not becoming a maximal, plotting, predacons, scheming, silverbolt